The Wanzer’s

Jon & Tammy Wanzer

Photo Out gathering materials for projects
Out gathering materials for projects

Jon and Tammy set up shop to build a modest income as they prepare to establish a homestead in southern Oregon. As you may have guessed, they don’t shy away from challenges, and they love building things.

The couple has been crafting together for over a quarter of a century and have a wide range of skills that is ever growing.

“We decided it was time to put-up, or shut-up and make a go of what we really love doing, make things that interest us, and adopting them out to others.”

With their diverse interests and skills, there are some distinct themes; renew, recycle, reuse, repair, and restore. These are words and concepts they take deeply to heart.

“We try to build our projects using post-consumer materials. Whether using found materials directly, processing them, or buying second-hand, we want a majority of our projects and materials to already have a history.”

While not exclusive to the late 19th and early 20th century periods, They gravitate to these eras. The romanticism of steam power, the newness of radio, craft built to navigate the seas and skies, the handwork of even the largest industrial structures. These are all things that guide their design ideas. They are also inspired by the handcrafted generational durability of the Arts & Crafts and Craftsman periods of the UK and the US.  


Jon has spent many years acquiring some specialized skill sets. He is a commercially rated pilot, holds an A&P aircraft mechanic certificate, and is an instructor for both pilots and mechanics. He also holds an Amateur Extra Class radio license (ham radio), a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license, and a commercial General Radiotelephone Operators License (GROL), and is both an instructor and examiner for Amateur Radio licenses and for Emergency Communications.

“I love to restore vintage items bringing them back to life; tools, radios, airplanes… anything really”

These specializations are directly tied to his penchant for turn-of-the-century (1850-1930) mechanics, aviation, radio, clockworks, and tools. Don’t be surprised if you see these interests reflected in some of there offerings.


Tammy is a designer’s designer. She has years of experience in floral and display design, crafting, and decorating, both commercially and independently. Her eye for detail is unparalleled.

Cash & Trade

If you are interested in cash, PM trade, or barter, get in touch with us. We may be able to make arrangements. We are set up to accept credit cards through PayPal as well.